We design & build
integrated tech solutions.

We are committed to providing clients with solutions that meet their business needs, through products and services that comes with superior design engineering, project management, and customer support.


Integrated Technology Solutions

Casino & Hotel Technology

Through 10 years of experience, we have delivered integrated technology solutions for the digital security, ICT, and networking needs of both Casinos and Hotels. We are a leading player in Digital Security for Casino Security Technology in the Philippines.

City Surveillance Technology

Making use of the most advanced concepts of digital intelligence in the area of surveillance and physical security. We embark upon a new age in the active and passive surveillance of security cameras, integrating solutions and offering the most modern in terms of surveillance.

Cylix Group of companies operates within 5 verticals:
End to End Security Tech, Homeland Security,
Extra Low Voltage Solutions, Software & Analytics,
and Energy & Power

End to end Security Technology Provider

Our breadth spans from Physical, Digital, and Cyber Security hardware and software: Surveillance Systems, Access Control Systems, Key Management Systems Pedestrian & Vehicle Control

Our depth comes from years of experience in multiple industries: Government, Casinos,  Universities, Factories, Hotels, Corporations, and Airports.


Homeland Security

Hardware and software equipment that supports and guarantees the physical safety of people within institutions such as airports, hotels, and other high value locations from terrorism and other hazardous threats.

Security Screening Equipment
Crash Barriers and Bollards
Explosives & Narcotics Detectors


Extra Low Voltage Solutions

On top of security technologies and software solutions, we provide installation, training, and support for the auxilary infrastructure needs of your organisation.

Fire Detection and Alarm System
BGM / PA Systems
Structured Cabling Systems


Software & Analytics Solutions

We provide Enterprise level solutions with a team a certified team of engineers, analysis, product managers, and designers.

Video Content Analytics: License Plate Analytics, Facial Recognition, Retail Video Analytics
For Local Government Information Systems: Unland LGIS
For Food Stall Franchises -- POS & Inventory: Kaching.ph
Small Business Software { Bison Security Agency, HRIS, Customized ERP }


Power & Energy Solutions

As a result of our intergrated tecnology solutions, we've built an expertise in integrating power and energy solutions that support our vast hardware and software technology implementations and maintenance.

Uniterrupted Power Supplies 
Lithium Ion Battery Storage for Solar Panels
Hydrogen Fuel Cells


We don't just sell products, we design, implement, and support.

Project Management

We have certified electrical engineers, project managers, and software engineers who plan and design solutions that solve your business needs.

Technical Operations

We pride ourselves with more than 10 years of operational excellence with dozens of successful large scale projects.

Customer Support

24 Hour Response Time, Target 48 Hour Resolution, Full Local Support,  Availability of service unit spares, Free Operator and Admin Training.

Serving top clients in the Philippines 
across industries.